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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

1943: Mission Briefing, your first assignment

You have completed officer training and been assigned at the rank of Lieutenant to the U.S. 14th Infantry Division which is part of the newly formed 7th Army under General Patton. Training with your platoon has been intensive and you know the strengths & weaknesses of each man in your unit. You hope that your strength & leadership will be sufficient to carry you all safely through the coming conflict.

The Germans have been thrown out of North Africa and the Allies are poised to carry the war into Europe. Alongside the British 8th army, the U.S. 7th Army is to invade Sicily as a prelude to a push up through Italy however there are over 200,000 Germans & Italians defending the island and a high casualty count is expected.

The 14th Infantry is to be landed near Licata on Sicilys southern coast. The area around the landing forms a wide bowl with mountains to the north and a steep ridge to the west overlooking the beaches. The town of Licata sits astride a river that enters the Mediterranean through the middle of this flat floodplain.

Your unit is deployed on the extreme left of the division and your mission is to climb the steep slopes from the beach and clear the ridge of defenders. This high ground is known to be well defended by bunkers & trench lines and the entire battalion has been assigned to the task. The ridge commands views over the whole western portion of the landing areas and whoever possesses it controls communications to the west where other elements of the 7th Army are landing.
Your orders are to take the high ground at all costs.

Your platoon consists of the following-

Lt (Yourself) Green
Sgt Veteran
Cpl Green
All 3 above have radios for comms.

1st Assault squad 8 men including 1 BAR, 2 Demo charges & 2 Wire cutters
2nd Assault squad As above
Support squad 8 men including 2 BARs, 1 50mm mortar.

At least half the platoon is rated Green.
Each man is equipped with 2 frag. grenades.
Each BAR man has to be accompanied by another man.
The mortar has a 3 man crew and 12 rounds.

After an assessment of the tactical situation you will be required to brief your NCOs & assign them & your squads to whatever roles you think fit. Your command radius is 6” but you will be able to communicate with your NCOs through your walkie-talkies.

Original Mission Briefing


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