Chuckadice: Band of Brothers

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Briefing 3: July 1943 - Northern Sicily

Intelligence has identified a German Company HQ located close behind the lines in your sector. The Major wants to take advantage of this opportunity to hit the enemy command structure before the attack on Palermo scheduled for the 20th.


Your platoon is to infiltrate the lines then attack & eliminate the target before 20th July.
The raid could provide a valuable opportunity to gather intelligence therefore capture of personnel & recovery of documents should be considered a secondary objective.

The target is a substantial 2 storey building which lies on the northern edge of the village of Ciaculli. It is surrounded by a high stone wall with a single entrance which is approached from the within the village. Apart from where the buildings lie close to the entrance the target is surrounded by open ground. It should be possible to reach Ciaculli without too much trouble however both approach & extraction will have to be made through the village as any other route will take you deeper into enemy lines. Speed is essential to your operation as the Germans can summon reinforcements from nearby villages. Get in, secure your perimeter, get the job done & get out.

Find attached a photograph of the target taken recently.



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