Chuckadice: Band of Brothers

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Briefing 4: 6th Aug 1943 - Northern Sicily

It is 2 weeks since your attack on the HQ building and in that time Palermo has been captured, the Germans are being mopped up in the west of Sicily and a race is on between Patton & Montgomery to reach Messina in the east. In the forefront of this rapid advance is the 14th Divn.
Along the northern coast road another village has been fortified by the Germans to buy more time. General Patton will brook no delays to the advance and an immediate assault is required.


You are to take the village & continue the advance.

Squad support weapons
2 BARs 2 Bazookas 1 Lt Mortar

Company Support
Prep HE Arty bombardment
1 Sherman


The village is known to be held by both good quality troops & conscripts and as usual, what the Germans lack in men they make up for in machine guns. The front line is likely to be lightly held but reinforcements will be close by within the village. A 75mm AT gun has been active but its current whereabouts is unknown. 50mm mortars are a constant hazard.



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