Chuckadice: Band of Brothers

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Briefing 6: 2 Oct 1943 - S Italy

Pushing up through Italy, 2nd Company has been pushed ahead towards Benevento, an important river crossing on the way to Naples. Not only does the town boast good bridges but a medieval castle sitting atop a rock outcrop which dominates both sides of the river. If the Germans are given time to mount a defence of the town it will prove very costly to dislodge them. It is imperative that the town be taken before this can occur.

Lt Edge is with forward elements of the Company on the tail of retreating German units. As he moves into position on a hill overlooking the river crossings he can see the crossings below & the castle above. Radioing in a report the Colonel comes on-
“Throw everything you’ve got across the river Lieutenant. Capture the bridges & the damn castle. Don’t let them consolidate. I’ll send everything I’ve got to support you. Secure the bridges. Push on ! On !"

Lt Edge- You are in a recon jeep with 2 men from your platoon. A second jeep is in support with 2 more men. You have shadowed unobserved the retreating Germans who are even now crossing the river into the town. You have driven to a position alongside a church which offers you a view of the bridges and the town beyond. Dominating the valley is the castle which sits high atop a cliff which drops vertically down to the river.
The rest of the company is coming up.



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